Towing can sometimes seem like the wild west but there are many laws that govern what can and can’t happen. It’s important that you know some of the basic laws to avoid getting hustled while you’re stuck on the side of the road. Here are 4 laws you need to know.

Credit card for payment

You will be surprised to know that all towing companies are required to accept payment from credit cards. By law, all towing companies in Colorado are strictly required to take payments from credit cards, along with taking cash payments. It is the choice of a customer to choose any method for payment, but using a credit card is recommended because it saves the transaction details.  

Towing cars from private lots

Although you should not park your car at anyone’s private lot without permission, the towing car companies are also restricted to tow the cars from the private lots without taking permission. So, if a towing company tows your car from a private lot, you can claim for its authority as well for towing your car from the private lot.  

Lot Charges

Lot charges are what you pay when your illegally towed vehicle is stored in a yard or lot. By law, a towing company cannot charge you more than $160 for a tow, but this fee doesn’t include storage charges, mileage charges, and fuel charges, which are $30, $3.80, and $2.60 per day respectively. As a sum, your per day fine will be $240 including all the charges. 

Drop Fees

If you see that your car is being towed and you arrive on time, the towing company is not allowed to tow your car in this situation. They can only charge $70 as a drop charge; otherwise, you can report against the company if they still tow your car to collect more fees. 

Along with keeping these laws in mind, it is also important to know about any best and reliable towing company in your area, which could help you in any problematic situation. The best way to keep from getting scammed is to stick with a reputable tow truck company but if that’s not an option and you need to go with an unknown, be sure to keep these laws in mind.