Winch Out Service

You might not think of winch outs as a towing service but it’s a big part of what we do at Trolling Towing. While we do see some drivers get stuck in sand, 90% of the time it’s an issue with snow. Sometimes it’s hard to tell just how deep that snow is or your vehicle slid off the road into a snowbank. 

Whatever got you stuck, all you need is a Trolling Towing truck! 

Here’s what you can expect from us: 

  • Quick and on-time arrival
  • Five star service
  • Experienced professionals (no amateurs here)

We’ve got three locations across the Denver metro area, which means we’re available when you need us- 24 hours a day. Give us a call today.

What To Expect When You Call For A Winch Out?

Every winch out situation is a little different. But before we arrive, we’re going to want to get the lay of the land. Here’s what you can expect us to ask:

  • What’s got you stuck? Most of the time this is snow but we need to know your best estimate on how deep the snow- sometimes this can be hard to tell but do your best!
  • How far is your vehicle from the road? This one is critical because we’ve got to make sure we have the proper cables. While we’ve always got the gear for a basic winch out, if you find yourself REALLY off-road, we may need to bring in the special gear.
  • What kind of obstacles (if any) are we dealing with? Are there any light posts, signs, stumps or anything else that’s going to stop us from getting where we need to go? We can work with just about anything but the more we know the better prepared we will be.

Once we get the basic information out of the way, you’ll get a super-solid estimated time of arrival. We know how frustrating it is to need a winch out and we never want to leave you hanging.

From there, all you need to do next is to stay safe and wait for the professionals at Trolling Towing.

Trolling Towing Serves The Entire Metro Area!

Trolling Towing is available wherever you are. Our list of service areas include: 

  • Lakewood
  • Thornton
  • Denver
  • Aurora
  • Centennial
  • Englewood 
  • And more

If you’re near Denver then we’re near you. Whether you need towing or roadside assistance give us a call and we’re on our way!

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The sooner you call, the fast you’re problem is solved. Trolling Towing has more than 20 five star reviews and we treat every customer like our best customer. Getting stuck is stressful but we can help.